Consulting & Coaching

Learn about Instant Influence coaching by watching the Harvard Institute of Coaching interview with Dr. Pantalon.

The Institute of Coaching Interviews Dr. Pantalon about “Instant Influence” from Michael Pantalon on Vimeo.

Dr. Pantalon offers the following services:

Instant Influence Consulting for businesses and corporations or management consulting firms dealilng with problems caused by low motivation, such as absenteeism, poor productivity, employee conflict, ineffective management styles, negative reactions to transitions and change, poor morale, stressful work environment, policy and procedure noncompliance, or general low compliance with change plans. These services include Motivational and Behavioral Needs Assessments, On-boarding, Motivational Enhancement Training for Managers to motivate themselves, as well as their teams, Strength-Based Strategic Planning, Career-Risk Management (Managing Stress, Anger, Conflictual Relationships, Life Problems and Bad Health Habits, such as drinking/drug use, poor sleep hygiene, poor management of medical problems).

Instant Influence Executive Coaching for individuals (e.g., executives, entrepreneurs, managers, executive & lifestyle coaches) dealing with problems caused by low motivation.

Instant Influence Interventions for families or businesses wanting to motivate a loved one or employee, respectively, to engage in substance abuse treatment.

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