My 2 BEST Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

Because so many people ask me how to apply INSTANT INFLUENCE to weight loss and because losing weight is a very popular New Year’s resolution, I decided to give you my 2 best tips on the topic. As a motivation and health behavior change expert, I can tell you that the following are the best things to ask yourself if you want to lose weight.

1) “On a scale from 1-10, how ready am I to _________ (fill in blank with a weight loss action, such as eat more fruits and vegetables or exercise 3x this week), where 1=not at all and 10=totally? Pick a number.
(TIP: Do NOT put “lose weight” in the blank because that’s not an action– it’s the result of many actions. You can only motivate yourself to take action. Your body takes care of the result).

2) “Why didn’t I pick a LOWER (yes, lower) number on the scale?” That way, you’re asking yourself to think about why you have any amount of motivation, which is far more motivational than asking yourself why you didn’t pick a higher number, which would only make you think about why you are NOT more motivated. Unfortunately, society has trained us to ask, “Why can’t I change?” (NOT motivational) far, far more often than “Why might I change?” (VERY motivational).

If you said “1” on the scale (which is unlikely), then change the action, make the action easier or ask yourself, “What would it take to make my ‘1’ turn into a ‘2’?” (Possible Answer: “I’d have to change my grocery shopping habits before I could eat more fruits and vegetables.”) and then motivate yourself to do that first.

These 2 tips are part of a scientifically proven method of motivating people to change that I describe fully in my book, “INSTANT INFLUENCE.” Get the book and learn more or sign up for my INSTANT INFLUENCE mailing list and get my FREE webinar.

Happy New Year!

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