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The Online Progressive Motivation Coach Certificate Course (16 weeks)

Learn how to comprehensively and effectively use my Instant Influence™ strategies and other motivational coaching approaches to achieve all of your business goals.  Do so from the comfort of your office or home with my engaging and largely self-paced online course.  Whether you are a coach, consultant, small business owner or executive at a large corporation, knowing how to motivate yourself and others is the key to success.  Now you can learn the only evidence-based method that works in 7 minutes or less.  The course walks you through how to: 1) set the stage for and initiate a motivational conversation, 2) get into the right mindset to do the Instant Influence™ strategies, 3) reinforce autonomy, the basis for Instant Influence™, 4) implement the 6 Instant Influence™ questions, 5) listen for and reinforce “change talk,” 6) summarize the motivation you elicit, 7) close the deal or how to move on in a motivational manner, 8) incorporate a variety of other motivational approaches throughout and much more.  Trainees will learn how to move the following people to action: themselves, family members, children, friends, clients, business partners, colleagues, strangers, prospects, customers, B2B professionals,…virtually anyone.  Each lesson is delivered online via a knowledge management system, where trainees opting for the “Pre-recorded online Lessons” option will be given access to 1 recorded lesson (video & audio) per week for 16 weeks, provided all assignments are completed, whereas those opting for the “Live online Lessons” option will receive weekly lessons with Dr. Pantalon via www.GoToMeeting.com at a day and time TBD with the trainees, as well as all of the recordings.  Trainees will receive lesson slides, assignments, texts, links and videos to read/view via the knowledge management system on a weekly basis.  The best part of this course, however, is the opportunity for ongoing practice of all the skills online (via text chat) with feedback and reinforcement from Dr. Pantalon and his trained staff.

For more information, please contact Dr. Pantalon at info@michaelpantalon.com or call 203-506-3134.


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Watch Dr. Pantalon in action

Dr. Pantalon speaks to executives at the Retail Facilities Summit 2011 from Michael Pantalon on Vimeo.

Dr. Pantalon offers Instant Influence™  Speeches, Trainings and Webinars tailored to your needs, setting and/or meeting for a wide variety of professionals and non-professionals alike.

To book Dr. Pantalon for a speaking or training engagement, please click on the link below.

Hachette Speakers Bureau

Upcoming Appearances:

* Sterling Foundations Management, LLC, March 29, 2014 (Closed to the general public)

* New York City Department of Health, April 30 & May 1, 2014, NY, NY (Closed to the general public)

Recent Appearances:

* Harvard Coaching in Leadership & Health Conference, September 27, 2013, Boston, MA


Download Dr. Pantalon’s Speaker One-sheet here

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