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Are you…

  • worried that your loved one is not getting the best addiction treatment?
  • confused about exactly what kind of treatment they need?
  • anxious about the chronic relapsing?
  • having a hard time motivating them to engage in treatment?
  • overwhelmed by the high cost of treatment?

If so, you are not alone and you are in the right place. Over the course of my career, hundreds of desperate and confused people have asked me the same heart-wrenching questions:

  • Should we do an intervention?
  • Should I send him to rehab?
  • Should we go to AA?

Nearly 100% of the time, my answer to each of these questions is a resounding, “No.”

3 Truths About Addiction Treatment

You may be wondering why my answer is no to what most people think is the standard process for helping their loved one. The answer is simple. These methods do not work well. In addition, they are agonizing to implement and often cause additional pain and suffering for everyone involved. I’m here to tell you, there is another way. A gentler way, based on science and it is extremely effective.

My 20+ year career in addiction research and clinical practice has lead me to the following 3 conclusions:

  1.  Motivating someone to enter treatment can be done with effective strategies. (Interventions rarely work)
  2.  We have treatments that work, but we’re not using them. (Most rehabs don’t use scientifically supported treatments)
  3.  You need help to get good help. (AA is not treatment, a recovery coach will help you get treatment)

These truths are the catalyst for a new and radically different starting point for addiction treatment.

My Mission

I have helped hundreds of people successfully recover and have supervised the treatment of thousands more. But that’s not enough. My mission is addiction HELP FOR ALL. To do this we need to amass an army. This is why I created the Center for Progressive Recovery; to train recovery coaches to connect families and addicted individuals to the best treatment available.

Please join us.

Fill out my online form.

If you are looking to help a loved one, a good place to start is my 60 minute webinar, How to Talk Your Loved One about Drug and Alcohol Use.

For additional ways to connect with me, check out Work with Me.





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