Center for Progressive Recovery

As a motivation and addiction expert, Dr. Pantalon has a coaching/training practice, which you’ve learned about at this site, as well as, an outpatient addiction practice at the Center for Progressive Recovery. At the Center for Progressive Recovery, we believe that true recovery comes from within the addicted individual versus from outside pressure. Thus, the responsibility for change is placed in the hands of the clients by acknowledging that they are FREE to decide whether or not to change, FREE to decide WHY they might want to change and FREE to choose HOW they would like to change. This approach, while counterintuitive to some, is the best way science has to offer for motivating people with addictions, especially if they have been resistant to change in the past. When they are freed to make their own decisions, a reserve of internal motivation for a new life may finally come forward and with it actual steps toward recovery.

If you’re looking to address your or a loved one’s addiction in an alternative, science-based, outpatient manner, please contact us at or 203-506-3134 for more information. Dr. Pantalon will personally reply and answer all of your questions.

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