Everyone Wants to Influence Someone

Everyone wants to influence someone.  But very few people know that there is a scientifically-proven method to get the job done in 7 minutes or less!

My book, “Instant Influence,” teaches you this simple method.  But I’ll give you 2 of the most important points right now.

     #1: Telling the person you would like to influence that they don’t (that’s right, do NOT) absolutely have to change and meaning it, reduces their resistance.  And that makes them more open to the possibility of change.

     #2: Irrational questions work better to influence people than rational questions.

For example, when a friend says, “I wish I could get to the gym more,” the rational, but ineffective, thing people say is, “Why can’t you do that?”

That only makes them come up with excuses.

However, the irrational, but much more effective question is, “Why might you try to get to the gym more?”  This question gets your friend to come up with his own reasons or motives for change – reasons that will always be way more motivating than anything you could ever come up with.

That’s because people only really listen to one person,…No, it’s not their mother, best friend or boss.  It’s themselves!

To learn more about how to influence just about anyone, get my book, “Instant Influence” or check out my speaking, consulting and/or coaching services.

Exert Your Influence!

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