Six Questions, Seven Minutes—Instant Influence.

Perhaps your employees are always late. You’d like to get upgraded on a flight. Your children just can’t seem to keep their rooms clean, no matter how much you threaten or cajole. You want to reorganize your workspace or exercise more often—but you just can’t seem to get to it.  Instant Influence will motivate change in coworkers, loved ones, kids, strangers, and even yourself.  Master it in half an hour and watch it work in 7 minutes.  Change has never been so easy. 

            With six simple questions, I can teach you how to plant the seeds for change, help others discover their own powerful reasons for change, identify effective “change talk,” make an action plan, and create successful outcomes even in people who are resistant to change. Although Instant Influence works in only 7 minutes, its effects can last a lifetime. 

            Based on the only motivational approach scientifically proven to succeed in more than one hundred clinical trials, Instant Influence is used nationwide in corporations, hospitals, rehab centers, court systems, universities, therapists’ offices, homes, and more.  From coping with a recalcitrant employee to resolving a longstanding problem with your spouse, Instant Influence can help you create the results you want while improving the relationships you have. 

            So, check out my services, look for my posts, sign up for my weekly “Instant Influence Tips,” and get the book. 

I look forward to helping you exert your influence!

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